Compliance Packaging

Our convenient Pill Pouches take the guesswork out of taking medication

No More Pill Planners

One card= One week of medication

Each card is divided into 4 columns and 7 rows:


  • 7 rows = 7 days of the week
  • 4 columns = Time of day to take your medication
    • Morning
    • Noon
    • Evening
    • Bedtime

Know What You’re Taking

All medications are custom packaged by Sterling based on your doctor’s orders. Each pouch contains all of the medicine you would take at that particular time

Information Panel

High Resolution PILL PICTURES and IMPRINT descriptions of each pill listed for easy identification. Prescription number, prescriber name, and manufacturers of each prescription

Convenient and Mobile

Each Pouch is labeled with:

  • Name of each medication in that particular pouch
  • Date that the medications should be taken
  • Time that the medications should be taken
    (Morning, Noon, Evening, or Bedtime)
  • Your Name

Always on the go?
– Each pouch can be torn off to take with you.

Going out to dinner?
– Tear off the evening pouch for easy transport to the restaurant.

Going out of town?
– Tear off rows at a time for overnight trips.